Cuddalore Region Road Safety Exhibition Bus

Every year January road safety week is conducted in tamil nadu. As part of this awareness program School, college, Private foundation people exhibit programs. TNSTC also join hands in this particular time every division / region of TNSTC put their one of the learner bus into an mobile exhibition. It will have holdings, posters about road safety and roam around cities. At the end of this program drivers conductors of TNSTC will get free medical checkup. one among the bus from Cuddalore Region.


Division : Villupuram
Region : Cuddalore
Type : Learner Cum Road Safety Exhibition Bus

TN-32N-2222 Cuddalore Region Learner Bus

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2 thoughts on “Cuddalore Region Road Safety Exhibition Bus

  1. TNSTC- CUDDALORE PREVIOUSLY KNOWN TPTC is toast and model for all corporations. Earns more revenue due to its service. Enjoyed every trip to Madras. Slightly uncomfortable due its 3+2 seat formation. Less in fare. Great service.


  2. Hi Sir,

    Good day to you,

    I am very much proud of you, because of our TNPCB Governments was launching the safely busses in our states.

    But past one week late i had travelled as a daily basis in buses via Ambur to Vellore. Some body travelling to Schooles, Colleges and some one for Job. They are having a less time to reach office at morning times. Peoples are took bus at morning time to reach either office or Colleges at wright time as per the travelled distance. But some busses are stopped at particular bus stop or nor. The TSS & Super Fast & Non-Stop busses are very good busses, but the drivers are not suite to that particular busses. because they are travelled very either slowly or they are maintain the busses condition is very poor. The Government is launching newly busses each and every time, the government employees are not maintain properly. either they are followed the preventive maintenance schedule to minimize the busses breakdown or nor…

    So, i humbled request to the Government of Tamil Nadu to please provide the schedule of Preventive Maintenance and put the score card based on his Breakdown performance. So that they can minimize breakdown and continuously improved his performance and save the loosing cost of government.

    I hope its clear to you,

    Regards, Imran

    On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 12:42 PM, “TNSTC’s Blog – Tamilnadu State Transport


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