Interstate Service by Interstate Depot

Nagapattinam – Pondicherry Service.

An Interstate service operated by an Interstate Depot. TNSTC Kumbakonam Nagapattinam Region having a depot in Karaikal (PY) neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. operating buses from Karaikal to Trichy, Sathyamangalam, Chennai and nearby destination in TN. This service is a special one operated by a depot in Interstate and on Interstate route starts from Nagapattinam in TN and enters Karaikal (PY) and passes through TN routes and finally reach Pondicherry (PY). Its operating pattern is like TN – PY – TN – PY.


Division : Kumbakonam
Region : Nagapattinam
Depot : Karaikal
Type : Express
Route : 221A Nagapattinam – Pondicherry
Via : Nagore, Karaikal, Chidambaram, Cuddalore.

TN-68N-0487 of Karaikal Depot 221A Nagapattinam - Pondicherry via Nagore, Karaikal, Chidambaram, Cuddalore.

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One thought on “Interstate Service by Interstate Depot

  1. The CRC is not operating a bus to Pondy via Karaikkal, Thirunallar,Peralam and Mayavaram. Though it is a circutious route people will use the bus because it os going via Thirunallar.


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