City buses of Srivilliputhur

Some clicks of City buses running in Srivilliputhur by Srivilliputhur depot of TNSTC-Madurai.. Main point to note is, Almost all city buses except the first one had the route numbers with prefix as “F” and suffix as “A” in common.

TN45 N 2814 of Srivilliputhur depot heading to Coonoor from Srivilliputhur in R.No G21A.
TN45 N 2814

TN33 N 1395, Oldest TN33 N registered bus in passenger service. Doing R.No F83A Srivilliputhur-Kansapuram route. We already had an article featured about this bus in TNSTCBlog.
TN33 N 1395

TN67 N 0409 of Srivilliputhur heading home in R.No F87A.
TN67 N 0409

TN67 N 0483 of Srivilliputhur depot head to Sethunarayanapuram in R.No F61A via Vathrap.
TN67 N 0483

TN67 N 0459 if Srivilliputhur depot heading home in R.No F90A.
TN67 N 0459

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