Nagercoil Tirunelveli 1 2 3

In Addition to EEE END TO END Express TNSTC Nagercoil introduced 1 2 3 new service for the need of public in Valliyoor in the entire stretch the bus will stop only at Valliyoor in between. This 1 2 3 express service was started in Feb 2013, we published an article about it. first to operate this service was colachel depot, Later EEE was introduced between Valliyoor – Tirunelveli and some long distance buses also started to run as 1 2 3 in this route. one of the 1 2 3 service from Ranithottam 1 Depot.


Division : Tirunelveli
Region : Nagercoil
Depot : Ranithottam 1 Depot
Type : 1 2 3 Express
Route : Nagercoil – Tirunelveli
Via : Valliyoor

TN-74N-1371 of Ranithootam 1 Depot 1 2 3 Nagercoil - Valliyoor - Tirunelveli

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