SETC 178UD Eral Chennai

Eral town is famous by its shopping bazaar. Thamirabarani river is passing through Eral gives natural surrounding to it. Eral chairman swamy temple is very famous. Eral is surrounded by many beautiful small villages. Eral an important business Junction for the surrounding villages. SETC is always a first choice of the villagers for years this bus is running to benefit the villagers. This route 178 UD has been recently modified to benefit the enroute villagers, first it came in straight route from Eral to Thoothukudi in SH 176 now it has been routed via Perungulam, Sawyerpuram, Pudukottai and reaches Thoothukudi. From Thoothukudi it takes NH 45B and NH 45 GST Straight route to reach Chennai. Most of the days it is full at Thoothukudi itself. A beneficial service to the villagers around Eral.


Fleet Code : TCN S 371
Depot : Thoothukudi
Route : 178 UD Eral – Chennai
Via : Perungulam, Sawyerpuram, Pudukottai, Thoothukudi, Madurai.

TN-74N-1603  TCN S 371 of  Thoothukudi Depot 178 UD  Eral - Chennai via Sawyerpuram, Pudukottai, Thoothukudi, Madurai.

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