Second Phase of acquisition by SETC

After Implementing 300 + KM rule by TN government., First Phase of acquisition by SETC was done in July 2012. the first to attach with SETC was TNSTC Tirunelveli and TNSTC Coimbatore all its Chennai bound services have been attached with SETC and doing good. SETC replaced all ex TNSTC 10.8 M 36 Seats bus with 12 M 43 Seater which yield good revenue for benefited a public lot. Now its time for Second Phase of acquisition by SETC. Some few days back SETC attached services of Tiruppur, Gobi from TNSTC coimbatore and some routes from Delta area Pudukkottai, Peravoorani, Pattukkottai, Ponnamaravathy from TNSTC Kumbakonam Pudukkottai region. once new depots of SETC starts functioning at Theni, Hosur, Karaikudi, Tirunelveli 2 many services will be transferred between depots of SETC for better service to Public and overcome maintenance issue.

An Ex TNSTC Kumbakonam Pudukkottai Region Ponamaravathi depot bus a very recent transfer with SETC doing 164 UD Chennai Cumbum service still the name of SETC and Depot markings have not been sticked on this bus.


Division : SETC
Depot : CNB Chennai Central
Route : 164 UD Chennai – Cumbum
Via : Trichy, Dindigul, Theni.

TN-55N-0727 Ex TNSTC Kumbakonam is now with SETC doing 164 UD Cumbum Chennai

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