TNSTC 777 Tiruvannamalai – Jamunamarathur

Jamunamarathur Javadhu Hills : It is situated 75 kms from Thiruvannamalai. It is situated in the northwestern part of Tiruvannamalai, and a part of the Eastern Ghats. The beautiful mountain lies at about 2350 feet to 3500 feet above sea level, Javadhu hills have many scenic spots. The cliffs and precipices of hills allure and excite tourists. Places of interest in the Javadhu hills are Beema Falls, Komutteri Lake, Kavalur Observatory,Amirthi Forest, and the Glass House.

Beema Falls: This falls is situated 5 kms away from Jamunamarathur. Water flows approximately for 8 months of the year. The reflection of sun on the water falls glow like a silver sheet that is a beautiful and magnificent sight. This falls is one of the main attractions of tourists. People enjoy bathing in this falls. Majorities of the people enjoy bathing at this falls where water flow is less. The route to the falls and a bath will have an exotic extravaganza. This place is the resplendent rendezvous.

Komutteri lake: This is the biggest lake in the Javadhu hills and it is also known as Kolappan lake. This is one of the scenic places that attract tourists. Recently this lake has been developed with boating facilities for the benefit of tourists. In the midst of the lake an island is developed for the enjoyment of the tourists.

Kavalur Observatory: This is 11 kms from Jamunamarathur on the border of Vellore District. This is the biggest observatory in Asia. Astronomy, stargazing and research on the stars are the main activities of this observatory. This is under the control of Government of India for protection and maintenance. Scientists from all over the country and abroad visit this place for observation and research. The biggest telescope that is controlled by computers is one of the main attractions for tourists.

Glass House: Situated on the highest peak of Javadhu hills, is Melpattu village. In Melpattu village there is a Glass House that was constructed during British rule, and this is a tourist attraction. The Forest Department also maintains a herbal farm here. The Kills Eppili-Valparai cave-like houses constructed by stones more than 5000 years ago are the Stone age houses, and they are worth seeing.

Content Source : TTDC

TNSTC Service to Jamunamarathur from Tiruvannamalai

Division : Villupuram
Region: Tiruvannamalai
Depot : Tiruvannamalai 3
Type : Ordinary
Route : 777 Tiruvannamalai – Jamunamarathur ( Jamunamathur )
Via : Kalasapakkam, Polur, Athimoor.

TN-25N-0084 of Tiruvannamalai 3 Depot  777 Tiruvannamalai - Jamunamarathur via Kalasapakkam, Polur, Athimoor.

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