Harur – Tiruvannamalai via Thanipadi

TNSTC’s operate Harur – Tiruvannamalai in two routes. All the Express services and long run buses to Tiruvannamalai takes Uthangarai, Chengam route from Harur it is the main route in NH66. This bus takes SH 6A and travel through interior villages and main towns enroute via Theerthampatti, Thanipadi.

TN-29N-2057 in front of Lord Arunachaleswara Temple, Tiruvanamalai. Pic clicked and shared by S.Arun Chennai.


Division : Salem
Region : Dharmapuri
Depot : Harur
Route : Harur – Tiruvannamalai
Via : Theerthamalai, Naripalli, Thanipadi, Thandrampattu.

TN-29N-2057 of Harur Depot Route Harur - Tiruvannamalai via Theerthamalai, Naripalli, Thanipadi, Thandrampattu.

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