Green Box missing in Chennai

When anyone says Chennai first to come in our mind is this Green Boxes one of the identity of chennai which roamed in city and suburbs. These Buses may not be smart as today ones but was user friendly on most of the times., clear route boards on top of the windsheilds which will be visible to one before few meters from the busstop., the shutters on the windows which cared the passengers in any season. This green boxes were on road up to 2004 slowly the modern techniques in bus body building started to kill this old styled designs, mono windsheild, rail type sliding glasses on windows started to enter the bus body and strongly got their palces. the outer paintings also slowly changed Yellow Line , Blue line, Deluxe Buses, Golden car, A/c services introduced to serve the passengers. The new variant entries made these boxes to run out of the road. passengers are happy with the services currently run by MTC. but people who are mad of buses will like this green boxes only.

Thanks to the people of western countries who visit regulary to India because of them we are getting some good nostalgic pics, This MTC pic was taken by Philbeth, a great thanks to him, one more in this pic its route number is M70 today M70 is running between C.M.B.T. to Thiruvanmiyur but it was going to Chemmenchery.


Division: MTC Chennai
Depot : Saidapet
Fleet Code : SPG 974
Type : Ordinary
Route M70 C.M.B.T. – Chemmenchery
Via Vadapalani, Guindy, Velachery, Sholinganallur

TN-01N-2531 SPG 974 of Saidapet Depot Route M70 C.M.B.T. - Chemmenchery via Vadapalani, Guindy, Velachery, Sholinganallur.

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