Nellai Jilla Express PP Papanasam – Tirunelveli

TNSTC Tirunelveli division once had nick name for their special Express services on all their operational routes, given by the crews. the name may be either a popular tamil film name or the area where they run the services. Fighter Express, Mudhalavan, Laser, King Cobra, Tiger, Mukil, Neelambari, Garuda, Prithvi, IthayaKani, Bharathi are some famous express services of TNSTC Tirunelveli among commuters. those were days people wait for the particular buses. Till 2005 the buses to run with such names, A Welfare case filled by Social activits that govt buses should not carry such names made to stop namings on the buses. slowly name is getting back soon every depot must come back with different names for their special services.


Division : Tirunelveli
Region : Tirunelveli
Depot : Papanasam
Type : Express PP Point to Point
Route Papanasam – Tirunelveli
Stops : V.K.Puram, Ambasamudram, Kallidaikurichi
Special Tag : Nellai Jilla Express

TN-72N-1770 of Papanasam Depot Route Papanasam - Tirunelveli Point to Point

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One thought on “Nellai Jilla Express PP Papanasam – Tirunelveli

  1. Dear Sir,
    Nellai Jilla Express photo is good.

    On 15.04.2015, Due to bandh all the private operators had stopped their buses from puducherry to villupuram & from villupuram to puducherry. Only TNSTC-Villupuram Buses were plying on this route on 15.04.2015.

    I request the TNSTC-Villupuram Authorities to start & run more number of Express services on the following routes immediately:



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