PRC Pandian Roadways Corporation in 1975

A great treasure had been shared by Karthikeyan from Madurai on FB, it has been shared in SSC by Thillai Selvan. A ton of thanks to both for sharing this great great treasure for public view. Team TNSTC Blog also presents it for their viewers and public bus fans who love nostalgic pic of our beloved TNSTC.

PRC Pandian Roadways Corporation

The Pandian Roadways Corporation established in 1972 under companies act on the account of nationalization of buses of the private operators as per 1971 act. The fleet of 346 Buses and worksmen taken from Southern Roadways a part of TVS. PRC become TNSTC Madurai Division I in 1997. The bus in the pic was framed at the entrance of Periyar Busstand in 1975 which was running between 48 Periyar – Tirumangalam., one more plus in this bus is it belongs to ex TVS Southern Roadways.

PRC City Bus in 1975

PRC Pandian Roadways Corporation City Bus in 1975 at Madurai


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2 thoughts on “PRC Pandian Roadways Corporation in 1975

    • We sincerely apologies for who liked and commented on this PRC pic of 1975, this is an photoshopped image it is an old TPTC image and this is an imaginary, now only i got the correct details about it, from Mr.Subramanian here is comment in a public forum

      “இந்தப் படமும், மதுரையின் பழைய சிட்டி பஸ் ஒன்றின் கற்பனைக் காட்சியே..”
      (Trans: this image of a old Mdu city bus is piece of imagintion, i.e photoshopped one…)

      This image is that a TVS built STU bus of 80’s at KUM bus stand. The bus alone with some people around has been pulled out and mixed with Tirumangalam bus stand scene.
      19 hrs


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