TNSTC = Kumbakonam
Route = Chennai Kattuputtur
Via = Perunkalathur,Melmaruvathur,Villupuram,Trichy
Regn no = TN-45-N-3568

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2 thoughts on “TNSTC-KUMBAKONAM

  1. Sir
    Ref: 011756
    I boarded on your depot bus scheduled from Tiruchendur to vedharaniam dated 11 may 2015. A co passenger asked for a ticket to Virapandian pattinam the first stop next to tiruchendur Tnstc Depot, but the conductor refused and told him to get the ticket for Authoor which is 20 kms away From the said stop. Without any hesitation the passenger bought the ticket and pleaded to stop the bus, the conductor told him he can’t do so, if he need he cam jump at the level crossing near virapandian pattinam railway stations, the person again pleaded to stop the bus, but your conductor was rude and tried to man handle him, and he stopped the bus only at Arumuganeri stop. I tried to call your depot number0435-2421313 but nobody was there to respond.
    I ask your good office to take action against the conductor orelse I will have to write. To CM cell


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