Coimbatore-Tenkasi from TNSTC-Tirunelveli

TNSTC-Tirunelveli’s Tenkasi depot added two Tenkasi-Coimbatore service via Palani, Pollachi when Nellai division was inaugurated. One bus did a overnight service and the other one did a day time service from respective places. TN38 N 2354 and TN38 N 2356 was put into duty on this route. After few months, the day time service from Tenkasi and the same bus which was doing night time service from Coimbatore was stopped. Now after 4 years, i saw the day time service from Tenkasi running with a new bus. Thanks to Nellai division for restarting this route again.

Timings from Coimbatore(Ukkadam): 8:00 AM, 7:53 PM

Operator: TNSTC-Tirunelveli

Region: Tirunelveli

Depot: Tenkasi

Route: Coimbatore-Tenkasi via Madurai, Sempatti, Palani, Pollachi

Uniqueness: Very rarely buses starts from Tenkasi and almost all buses in this route starts from Sencottah. This is the first set of buses from this area to run via Pollachi(excl SETC buses). Started with CEC built TN38 N buses and later got new buses. 2356 was the first bus in Nellai division to get digital board and this is now retained back in the new bus 1904. I had a chance to travel in the first day of the inauguration of this route and traveled in 2356.

Some pics now..

TN72 N 1904 which does the day time trip from Coimbatore and night time trip from Tenkasi.

TN72 N 1904

TN72 N 1896 which does the day time trip from Tenkasi and night time trip from Coimbatore.

TN72 N 1896

The previous bus which did the job.. TN38 N 2356..

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One thought on “Coimbatore-Tenkasi from TNSTC-Tirunelveli

  1. Dear Sir,
    Good effort by TNSTC-Nellai Division.

    I request Similar efforts by TNSTC-TIRUNELVELI Division to Introduce New Super-Deluxe Express Services to the following Routes – Preferably in DAY-TIME:




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