vellore – sholinganallur TSS Bus Timings

TNSTC Villupuram Vellore Region operates many Time Saving Services from Vellore to Chennai, Chennai to Hosur, Vellore to Thirupattur. Recently some months back Vellore Region started a bus service from Vellore to Sholinganallur via Sriperumbudur, Manimangalam, Mudichur, Tambaram. A total running hours from Vellore of 3 hrs 15 min to Sholinganallur and 2 hrs 30 min to Tambaram. This service is named as VES 195 Vellore Express Service and 195 indicates total minutes.

Timings by Naveen Vijayakumar.

VES 195 Timings

VES 195 Timings

Vellore – Sholinganallur VES 195 TSS Bus Timings.

TN-23N-2362 of Gudiyatham Depot Route Vellore - Sholinganallur via Sriperumbudur, Manimangalam, Mudichur, Tambaram.

TN-23N-2362 of Gudiyatham Depot VES 195 Vellore – Sholinganallur

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54 thoughts on “vellore – sholinganallur TSS Bus Timings

      • Starts from Vellore at 6:20 AM reached to sholinganallur at 9:30 AM.
        Evening timings from sholinganallur at 6:15 to Vellore…..

        There is only 1hr different for 1st bus and 2nd bus.(EX:if 1st bus starts from vellore at 5:20,2nd bus starts from vellore 6:20. same)


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  2. Nice Service….

    1st time i used this bus it was toooooo much crowd.
    please provide 3-4 buses from this route..
    Seriously it s useful for everyone.. please consider this post a request and take some action…..

    Thanks In Advance….


  3. VTS Service:
    Vellote to Siruseri TSS bus service has been launched from this week. VTS-507.
    Timing : 5.00 AM at vellore(Morning)
    6.15 PM at Siruseri(Evening) in front of TCS


  4. 102 S. Vellore. 12.15 noon. Via Sriperumpudur, mudichur, Tambaram, Sholinganallur, to Siruseri Hcl
    Siruseri. 3.45. Or. 4.00. To. Vellore
    Vellore. To. Kalpakkam. Via. Kanchipuram. I was told (Night Halt)
    Kalpakkam. To vellore. Via Thiruporur, kelambakkam, Siruseri, app. 7.00 am, Sholinganallur 7.45 am app.


  5. Is this bus now changed from siruseri to vellore. In case the starting point has changed, please let me know from where it starts from siruseri and what time in the evening.


  6. Yes. 444 SNR A Brand New Bus TN 23 N 2399 normal seating bus
    Starts at Karur Vysya Bank at 7.30 AM to Vellore, reaches around 11.00 AM
    Goes to Krishna Nagar Depot
    Starts at Vellore to Bangalore at 2.50 PM, reaches around 10.00 PM
    Starts at Bangalore at 10.30 PM, reaches Vellore by 3.00 AM,
    Starts at Vellore to Sholinganallur at 3.00 AM, reaches by 6.00 AM
    refer (tag 444 snr) via Tambaram, Sriperumpudur.


  7. One more bus in this route
    TN 21 N 1614 Route No. 505 (TSS)
    Starts at Kanchipuram 04.30 reaches Vellore 6.00 AM
    Starts at Vellore at. 06.40 reaches sholinganallur at. around. 10.00 am
    ( via SriPerumpudur, Manimangalam, Mudichur, tambaram, medavakkam)
    Starts at Sholinganallur at 11.00 am reaches Kancheepuram. At 1.00 pm
    Starts at Kancheepuram at 2.00 pm reaches. Sholinganallur At 4.00 pm
    Starts at Sholinganallur at 5.10 pm reaches Vellore at 8.30. Pm
    Last trip I think to Kanchipuram and night halt.


  8. I got a job in vellore and want to reach vellore everyday at 8.30 am from medavakkam? any SETC bus available? kindly update. Thanks,


  9. now 1st am going to vellore from bangalore from their i need to go to sholinagallur, how to go from their is their any private buses or govt buses


  10. Vellore to Sholinganallur Direct Bus TSS
    Via Sriprumpudur and Tambaram
    03.00 (444snr), 04.30, 05.20 (Veso 195), 6.20, 13.15(veso195), 13.45 (Siruseri Sipcot), 14.20

    Vellore to Tambaram via Kancheepuram
    Lot of buses


  11. It would be good if we have Night service (around 12:00PM or 12:30PM) at least for Friday as many would travel to Bangalore, Tirupathur, Dharmapuri, etc Via Vellore


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