TNSTC – Villupuram’s Vellore region introduces Chennai – Hosur 5:30 hours TSS services

TNSTC – Villupuram’s Vellore region takes a lead on introducing super fast services a head of TNSTC – Salem on Chennai – Hosur sector .

Here is TN 23 N 2302 from Vellore’s Koyembedu depot spotted sporting 5:30 Hours Journey time TSS tag at Hosur bus stand.


Hosur – Krishnagiri 55 mins
Krishnagiri – Ambur 70mins
Ambur- Vellore 48 mins
Vellore – Chennai 150 mins

Departure Timings 

@ Hosur : 07:45 , 14:30 , 17:00, 23:10

@ Chennai : 05:30 , 07:00 , 13:10 ,  21:35 

Hope this type of services should be upgraded with a Super Deluxe in near future., so the 5:30 Hrs Journey would become more pleasent.

TN 23 N 2302

5:30 hours end to end journey time

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17 thoughts on “TNSTC – Villupuram’s Vellore region introduces Chennai – Hosur 5:30 hours TSS services

  1. Hi Team

    My kind suggestion for this service is to make it by 6 Hrs. Because the calculation of the minutes mentioned itself coming as (150+48+70+55) 323 minutes, which is 5,38 Hrs. So, if you calculate break for 10 minutes and tolls, the service can be revised to 6 Hrs.

    Moreover. all KSRTC (Rajahamsa) & SETC are reaching hosur in 6 – 6.30 Hrs only. So if they made this service to 6 Hrs also it will a profitable service only. Authorities can think about it


    • They are correct only. Don’t blame them without even knowing to calculate timings.

      55+70+48+150=323 mins = 5.38 hours = 5 hours 23 mins (which people usually noted as 5:30 hours)

      There is a difference b/w 5.30 Hours and 5:30 hours


  2. SETC bus is d worst maintanance and drive unbearable slow speed service. I think this TSS service one of d best service. So the dept should think and work out to change the comfort level and all set busses can be given to exchange new buses and run with TSS drivers can reach hosur even in 5 hrs


  3. I used this TSS service many times. They keep up the time. 5.30 hrs chennai to Hosur with 181 Rs ticket.
    Why do you need to spend 600 to 700 Rs to travels buses ?




  5. Please increase the TSS bus frequency every 30 mins between 16.00 to 22.00 from both the end (Chennai CMBT and Hosur), Some of the TSS bus shall have push back seats and charge SETC fair, Please cancel SETC buses between hosur – chennai which is of no use.


  6. TSS Service is super service, But seat is not comfortable.
    time keeping is good 5Hours 30Min.
    8.30pm at hosur and 2.00pm reached at chennai (CMBT)


  7. These TNSTC buses are cheating people like anything,, especially chennai to hosur and vellore to banglore 444 bus…i have seen the these buses are all having a sticker in the front says that TSS ,,but they stop in all the places,, i have travelled in one of the bus,,i am suprised to see even chennai to vellore TSS also going in to ponamalle ..Hosur TSS was a horrible experience,, first they go into ponnammalle,, and they stop in a hotel for breakfast,,(chennai to hosur TSS) vellore again 15 to 30 minutes to load up all the seats,, followed by stops in pallikuonda,, ambur vaniyambadi,, natrampalli, krishnagiri,,to hosur,,while in return this bloody bus driver and the conductor took the bus in to each and every town krishnagiri,natrampalli pallikuonda,,ambur vaniyambadi,, that was horrible,,when one passenger asked the conductor about it,,, the conductor started abusing the passenger,, and to hosur,,May be the good reviews about these buses,, it should be a lucky day for all the people..may be the bus would have filled with passenger from chennai or on a festival time..

    As far as i knew that there are two services are really good and perfect in timing.
    Salem to banglore TSS electroniccity express (3.33) TNSTC SALEM/CBE
    Salem to coimbatore (3 hours) TNSTC Salem
    As a result most of the guys working in banglore from salem and coimbatore stopped taking private buses and started using these 3.33 express..

    All the other TSS buses towards chennai and vellore from banglore are fake TSS.. never get on these town buses, those people want the private operators to rule the route..cant help. one of the worst ever route is banglore to chennai,, SETC introduced rainbow and high way riders they said that these buses will reach banglore in 7 hours,, its a big scam and they are cheating people to the core.. i spoke to one of the conductors of these buses ,, he said that they have to reach banglore in 7 hours but their superiors are run the bus with full capacity..normally the buses comes out of banglore with hardly 9 or 10 people,also he said we have to fill up the seats in hosur and krishnagiri and vellore thats why we are unable to reach on time,, if they run the buses with half capacity they will get suspended.. because most of the guys working in banglore were well aware of these cheating SETC and TNSTC,, they prefer private operators to reach home,,i will not travel these bloody buses hereafter.


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