Travel review on Hosur – Madurai NON-STOP 1 to 1 “7 hours” weekend service by TNSTC – Salem.

Journey date : 07 Nov 2014

Ever since the time of introduction this was one hot service we want to give a shot and after coming across one of our viewer’s review our desperation just became more .

The day was set for 07 Nov 2014 .The bus on duty  was TN 29 N 2500  of Hosur mofussil depot . This bus is a regular on Hosur – Trichy sector . Since this service  is still considered as a special Hosur depot shuffles the buses and they mostly prefer 23xx registered series and above.We started 7 mins late from the scheduled departure

Here are the time lines from the trip 

Actual departure                          – 10:07 PM ( Against scheduled 10:00 PM )

Time we left Hosur Busstand       – 10:20 PM ( So considering this as starting point )

Arrival at Krishnagiri toll             – 11:05 PM

Hitting Dharmapuri By pass         – 12:03 AM

Hitting  Salem By pass                – 01 : 00 AM

Break before Nammakal Toll      – 01 : 57 to 02 :18 AM

Arrival at Arapalayam,Madurai  – 05:10 AM

Hosur – Salem was done at 2 hours 40 mins flat and overall Hosur – Madurai took just 6 hours 50 Mins with 10 mins break.This is the best timing till date i have experienced on this route by any ordinary bus. Ticket for an adult was priced at Rs.255  which is just less by Rs.40 from SETC UD fare. The driver was in blue uniform  in his early fifties . He was calm and composed and maintained the average speed around 70 with top notch of 92 KMPH.

At the time of introduction the journey time was committed at 6 hours which was way too tight  and after a week they have revised it to 7 hours which is more safe and practical. On the bus it is rightly tagged as 7 hours but the notice board on the Hosur bus stand still displays 6 hours which is misleading the public . Staff should correct this ASAP.

This is an very good initiative by TNSTC -Salem  and felt that this should have be done a year long ago. My final verdict would be that this service is hassle free and worth for money.One should try to be on board by around 9:30 to have his choice of seat . Also as per the conductor this service is now extended  on Saturdays and Sundays which needs to verified.

TNSTC – Salem should try an super deluxe bus with cushion seats as travelling continuous for 6 hours in the current set of private built TNSTC buses makes things hard for the sit.

TN 29 N 2500 resting at Arapalayam ,Madurai


Other Observations  : Off late TNSTC – Salem has realized the importance of this route and started to explore more on this . In the recent past festive seasons there were more then 10 special buses deployed which is an welcome move. Even the last week end i was surprised to see an old bus of Dharmapuri Nagar depot (TN 29 N 2224 ) doing Hosur – Madurai.

TN 29 N 2224 just arriving at Arapalayam,Madurai.

In the above pic we can the see TN 29 N 2500 which came as 1 to 1 is ready for return trip as a normal bus with the “7 Hours Journey tag” removed from it’s wind shield.

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