Cancellation of “Hosur – Jeyankondam service extension till Kumbakonam “

The recent extension of Hosur – Jeyankondam service till Kumbakonam by TNSTC-Salem has been withdrawn. The extension was effective only for around 10 days and now the bus runs till Jeyankondam only.

Since this extension was clashing with interests of SETC’s route #865 Karaikal – Bangalore via Kumbakonam which departs around same time from Hosur ,SETC has put strong objection and finally made to withdraw.

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One thought on “Cancellation of “Hosur – Jeyankondam service extension till Kumbakonam “

  1. Hi

    Yes. SETC’s Bangalore Karaikal also stars at the same time. Actual timing of the SETC is supposed to start by 18.46 PM. But almost all the days the service is leaving Hosur bus terminal around 19.15 to 1940 because of loading parcel. Before one year, the service is started around 19.00 to 19.30Pm from Bangalore. The service is pre-poned due to the late night & sophisticated services provided private operators (KPN & SRS) and KSRTC (Airavata Club-Class)

    But, daily these bus is getting loaded around 100 bags of luggage, which is giving a huge some of amount for this service. In some days, in this luggage itself they are making the amount for to and fro.

    Once i traveled to Thanjavur in this service. The conductor itself accepted the delay which is happening in Hosur. The crew accepted that “Passengers will not come daily. But we are getting luggage daily till karaikal some days, which earns up to 15 K for a single”.

    The main advantage in this service is that, if you travel in this, you can attend the 5.30 AM Pooja at Thirunallar, and you can reach Kumbakonam by 4.00 Am. So those who are planning to visit kumbakonam temples, can make use of this service. Even though there is a delay in Hosur terminal, the drivers are well trained and the driving also very good. 🙂


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