Surprise Services from TNSTC Madurai

Surprise Services

one from Thiruparamkundram Depot and other from Virudhunagar Depot

Thiruparamkundram Depot is purely city based services and first time this depot operates Moffusil Services.

TN-58N-2118 of Thiruparamkundram Depot Route Madurai – Rajapalayam via Thirumangalam, T.Kallupatti, Srivilliputtur.


Virudhunagar Depot operates buses to and from Madurai and sivakasi to various destination in addition with its own town Virudhunagar first time a service from Virudhunagar Depot enters Madurai – Rameswaram NH on return it does a single to Kovilpatti and halts at Virudhunagar.

TN-67N-0842 of Virudhunagar Depot Route Kovilpatti – Madurai / Madurai – Rameswaram.


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3 thoughts on “Surprise Services from TNSTC Madurai

  1. Driver Mr Palanichamy from Madurai – Managiri working in Tnstc, Has a rood & rash to the passengers & every day bribing from Passengers , if some one refuse to give the bribe – he could operate some rowdies from Managiri. These request from public please try to control him on his way. We would not be able to reveal our address & name because he can do anything with his rowdies.
    We would be repeatedly posting this message until you take an action against him.


  2. I am reaching virudhunagar by train and going to Thaniparai. My train reaches at 4 am, Is there any bus direct to thaniparai or watrap after 4 am? Other wise suggest best bus route


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