Unique interstate city bus from TNSTC-Coimbatore

TN43 N 0384 of Pollachi-3 depot running in Pollachi-Kinathukadavu-Velanthavalam route as K2.

Uniqueness about this route are
1. Introduced in 1996-2001 period.
2. Inaugurated with TN58 N 0253.. Its original route was R.No.15.. After inauguration it again came back to the original route.
3. Mainly introduced for the Tamil people living in the areas of TN-KL border areas like Sokkanur, Veerapagoundanur, Ozhalpathi to reach Kinathukadavu/Pollachi.
4. It does two trips as Pollachi-Kinathukadavu-Velanthavalam at 5:30 AM and 12:15 PM. Rest all trips are in Kinathukadavu-Velanthavalam. It returns back to Pollachi in the night for Halt and Maintenance.
5. From Kinathukadavu, timings are 9:10 AM, 3:10 PM..
6. From Velanthavalam timings are 8:00 AM, 2:05 PM, 4:15 PM.
7. Initially it did Pollachi-Kinathukadavu via Vadakkipalayam, No.10 Muthur as R.No 25A. Later moved via Kovilpalayam, Thamarai as R.no 42A
8. There are plenty of buses running in Ukkadam/Gandhipuram-Velanthavalam route in 48 series and all of them stops in TN border whereas this bus stops inside KL boundary and TN is few 100Ms away from its stoppage.
9. Passengers boarding from Pollachi has to get 3 tickets for the full run and from Kinathukadavu it was 2 tickets. Tickets are issued as Pollachi-Kinathukadavu, Kinathukadavu-TN/KL border, TN/KL Border to Velanthavalam.
10. All interstate buses towards KL are operated by Pollachi-2 depot and this is the only interstate bus to be operated by Pollachi-3 depot.
11. This is also the only interestate city bus in operation by TNSTC-Coimbatore.
12. There was one more bus from Ukkadam-1 depot which was operated as Ukkadam-Kinathukadavu-Velanthavalamn with Mofussil permit. Not sure whether it is still in operation or not. Need to confirm.

Note: Will update the approximate timings soon

Taken in 2012 when it was waiting in Pollachi BS for its early morning departure.


Recent ones.Taken inside KL area near Ozhalpathy.

TN43 N 0384

TN43 N 0384

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One thought on “Unique interstate city bus from TNSTC-Coimbatore

  1. Dear Sir,
    1. The Authorities of TNSTC-Villupuram may please consider the same formula from TamilNadu Border to Puducherry as well as in the area of KARAIKKAL

    2.The TNSTC -Villupuram presently running a only one route bus from Villupuram to Puducherry via Thirukkanur and it is requested to increase the number of trips from either end as the buses are always overcrowded from puducherry to thirukkaur.

    3.Also,TNSTC-Villupuram can consider the following routes to cater the people’s need:

    A) From PANRUTI to PUDUCHERRY via madagadipet


    C) From Panchavatee to PUDUCHERRY



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