Mysterious 631

SETC service of 631 was very mysterious among bus fans, all searched for this route where SETC operates it with 631, as per ex-TTC Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation guide route no 631 was alloted for Sencottah – Salem. 631 salem service was stopped unexpectedly later in 2012 Sencottah Depot operated this service as Sencottah – Hosur with new route no 646. Coimbatore bound services from SETC south depots have 625 from Thoothukudi, 626 from Tirunelveli, 629 from Sencottah, route numbera close to this one, coimbatore SETC depot also operates 626E to Sathankulam, 632 to Udankudi. but with no 631 coimbatore depot operated many Special services to chennai. Atlast 631 is alloted to a new regular route Thiruchendur.

631 Coimbatore – Thiruchendur operated by Coimbatore Depot, this is the fifth service operated by SETC coimbatore Depot to South Destination, this route is actually operated by TNSTC Coimbatore A/C Service it was later extended as Mettupalayam – Thiruchendur, as per 300+ Km rule this route was transferred to SETC, but SETC didnt run this route, recently SETC jumped into this cash cow route with a new route no 631. Good choice for this route as 632 Coimbatore – Udankudi also run in this route via Pollachi, Palani, Madurai, Thoothukudi.

TN-01N-9553 ( CBE B 0651 ) of Coimbatore Depot Route 631 Coimbatore – Thiruchendur via Dharapuram, Ottanchatiram, Madurai, Thoothukudi.


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