Repair works can be improved

Meeting with an accident and losing original face is unfortunate but the restoration job carried out by our beloved corporation seems to be much more unfortunate.

We have come across many instances where a brand new bus doesn’t look like new after the face lift job. Once a masters of creativity now have lost the esteem.Not to forget that 2 head lights are penalized by default for such accidents.

Here are couple of such victims .

TN 29 N 2538 :



TN 29 N 2532




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One thought on “Repair works can be improved

  1. Dear Sir,
    1.Thorough training atleast two weeks – for the Conductors & Drivers towards meeting accident situation may definitely help the travelling public to come out of the emergency help.

    2.24 Hour-Emergency van with medical staff & first aid medical setup in each district head quarter will definitely cater immediate demand of the accident.


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