TNSTC-Kumbakonam’s Coimbatore-Perambalur via Erode

Below is a unique service operated by Perambalur depot of Trichy region. Uniqueness of the service is this could be the only service from TNSTC-Kumbakonam to run in NH47’s Coimbatore-Erode stretch. Also operated as Non Stop similar to ERO-100 in Coimbatore-Erode stretch.

TN45 N 3595

TN45 N 3595

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One thought on “TNSTC-Kumbakonam’s Coimbatore-Perambalur via Erode

  1. TNSTC-KUMBAKONAM-Trichy region may kindly consider to a new start a new Express service between KARUR & PUDUCHERRY via PERAMBALUR,VILLUPURAM especially during the DAY-TIME to meet the Connectivity and DEMAND.


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