TNSTC- Salem’s NON STOP highway rider between Salem – Bangalore

New TML TN30 N 1352 from Jun 2014 batch serving as NON STOP highway rider between Salem – Bangalore

TN 30 N 1352 of Salem region Jhonsenpet-II Branch

The departure timing of the above express should be at 6:00 AM from Salem CBS and probably this could be replacement to their existing 3.33 Electronic City Express service.

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57 thoughts on “TNSTC- Salem’s NON STOP highway rider between Salem – Bangalore

  1. Hi,

    This is to inform you all that TNSTC Salem has introduced a lot of 3.33 Hrs services in between SALEM – BANGALORE. Its nearly 24 srevices. It would be helpful if someone posts the timings


  2. Hi, TNSTC – Salem introduced 24 x 1 to 5 Flyover services featuring 4.45 hrs journey time ,no stoppage at restaurants and will take BETL from . Later they started 3.33 express with 2 services each from bangalore and salem on a day and in the recent past they have increased to probably 6

    Timings of 1 to 5 services can be found here

    Timings at Salem CBS - Salem - Bangalore  1 to 5 - 2014


    • Hi Vasanth

      In TNSTC

      For 3.33 – 180 Rs. Stopping will be from Mysore road satellite bus stand till silk board & Electronic city toll (sometimes)
      For Bye-pass, 4.45 & 4.30 Hr Riders the fare will be 165 Rs
      In SETC – 240 RS

      In KSRTC
      For Airavat – 460 Rs (Approx)
      For Corona it will be 270 Rs
      For Vaivhav Services 170 to 200 Rs (In Morning) & 230 (In Night)

      KSRTC Airvat will stop till Hosur. Others will stop where ever you need (In Bys-pass) as these buses are running out of passengers.

      * All these fares are subjected to the change in KSRTC Fares Hikes

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  3. hi,

    i would like to know, whether 3.33 bus stops at silk board or madiwala when it starts from bangalore…
    usually i prefer to get in near silk board/madiwala…

    also is it possible to know, bus timing when it comes to silk board/madiwala…

    ur blog is really helpful 🙂

    thanks in advance…


    • 3.33 do stop at Silkboard bridge.You can find the Latest timing from satellite busstand on our Bus timing link and calculate accordingly


    • Hi Saurav

      We have the timings posted in our blog. In madiwala you can wait near police station or you can goto the bus stop.

      In silkboard the bus will stop immediate after the bridge.

      There is no timings as of now at silk board. From the start timings from Satellite bus station, the 3.33 will reach 40 – 60 minutes. This is subjected to the traffic. As per my guess, they 3.33 drivers are taking 45 minutes to reach madiwala / silkboard to cover the passengers.

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    • Hi Irfan

      Yes there are 2 or 3 direct buses available from Salem to perambalur. These buses are introduced newly from Kumbakonam and salem Depots. I think these buses are available by noon and night timings. But I am not sure about the timings.

      Yuvaraj M


  4. Are these 3.33 buses from Bangalore to Salem available at early morning 1.00AM to 3AM timings from Madiwala/Silkboard..

    Please let me know


    • Hi Suhaib,

      Yes we are having bus starting at 1 Am & at 1.30 AM to Satellite bus stand. and the buses will cross madiwala between 1.30 to 2.30 based on the passenger occupancy.

      After 1.30 AM we are having the next bus at 3,00 AM only


  5. Hi, Can I board the 3.33 express to Salem, from electronic city toll gate.?
    Also tell me about the bus availability between 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM


  6. Hi, Is there any monthly bus pass available from Hosur to Electronicity? If so how can I apply for it.
    I am working in a corporate.


  7. the 3.33 service from bangalore to salem and salem to bangalore is over welcomed by the passengers. if you upgrade the same service in to a/c class it will be more comfort and most of the passengers will travel.


    • Hi rakesh,

      There is no last stop, It will stop anywhere if you wave your hands.. But the buses will take elevated flyover from silkboard till electronic city. These buses will filled by pax at silk board max.. getting a seat after silboard if on your luck 🙂


  8. Hi,
    Is there a list of stops within bengaluru for the 3.33/ normal service? (i.e.) From satellite busstand till Ecity.
    I know only the stops madiwala, silkboard, electronics city. Please provide the list of stops or route before madiwala.


  9. i wanted to reach salem before 7:30 ..i have a connection bus to ernakulam from salem at 7:30.. what time i should start from bangalore. Could somebody guide me to plan..333 from silkboard


    • Hi Rakesh,

      The safe time to start from bangalore is 1.30 to 2.45 PM. From silkboard you can board the bus at the end of the bridge .. infront of Ashwad hospital.

      Note: 3.30 PM is the max time limit to board from silkboard.


  10. Sir can you please tell me time table for SETC buses … whether it’s operated frequently or for particular time…can I get it on 1am??


  11. Who said this fly over services not stopped in highway hotels? Today traveled This service but this bus also stopped at hotel all drivers wants free food…


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