PP Point to Point Golden Days of TNSTC Nellai.

In 1993 the first PP service between Nellai – Thoothukudi started with two buses one from Tamarabarani Depot named Fighter Express with Eagle sticker in front windsheild and other one from Thoothukudi City Depot named Pearl City Fighter Express with roaring tiger Sticker in front these buses had gud audio systems with Casette player with TN-72N-0696,0697 buses with front Entrance later every depot started to deploy PP in this route with existing fleet. Fighter became Mother Express later Pearlcity FE retained it name as Fighter Express till 2004 later when our current CM got Thanga Tharagai title ruling party changed this bus name as Thanga Tharagai.

That was a golden period from TNSTC Nellai they had old buses but they rocked on every route. some of the list here.

Thoothukudi – Tirunelveli Route status ( 2003 )

Fighter Express – Thoothukudi City Depot
Muthalvan – Kattabomman Nagr Depot
Delta – Thiruchendur Depot
First Ritham (ரிதம்) – then Sathya (Sponsered by Sathya Agencies ) – Srivaikundam Depot
Garuda – Srivaikundam Depot
Mother – Tamarabarani Depot
Tata Birla – Tamarabarani Depot
Tiger – Papanasam Depot ( only 1 trip in morning )

Thiruchendur – Thoothukudi – Madurai

Venpoora – Thiruchendur Depot
Vaigai – Thiruchendur Depot
Idhaya Theyvam – Thoothukudi Mofussil Depot
Idhaya Kani – Thoothukudi Mofussil Depot
Udhaya – Thoothukudi Mofussil Depot
Muthu Kuyil – Thoothukudi City Depot

This list is a sample Thisayanvilai – Nellai Laser Express, Friends, Neelambari, Kurinji, Puthu Vasantham, Bharathi, Dawn, Nellai Meenathci, Mugil, Kanal, Alavandhan they named the buses either by popular tamil film names or related to the area. the rockers of south due to a case filed in Nellai Dist court all these names have been taken out, after 10 years slowly some names are coming back recently saw Flying Horse ( Papanasam Depot ) Gomathi ( Sankarankovil Depot ) Vallimayil ( Valliyoor Depot ).

Pic : Justin Raja Pandian

A bus to remember from the golden days of TNSTC Nellai, although we are TNSTC Museum but rocked with all the buses which can run on road.

TN-72N-0886 Mother Express from Tamarabarni Depot, Unknown Media pic in 2003.

Mother Express

Thanks a ton to Justin Raja Pandian sir for this Pic posted in FB, In this pic the first bus Nellai Samathanapuram built second one TN-72N-0796 Erode Pallipalayam built, Third one TN-72N-062x series CEC built, fourth is private.

TN-72N-0886 Mother from Tamarabarani Depot, this pic is taken in Nellai Junction Old busstand before opening of the New Busstand. This Mother Express had 4 8inch woofers (Speakers) inside, this bus is the first one to install FM player when Suriyan FM inaugrated in Nellai on the first day of broadcasting itself this bus had played it, The best driver of this bus was Mr.Pandaram he will be always neat in his uniform wearing shoes a perfect one, all these buses with names had been taken well by its crew itself they cared the buses as their own, you can notice a orange round light on the top corner, every buses had colourfull light decorations, in this Muthalvan ( TN-72N-0892 ), Sathya ( TN-72N-0891 ), had different Colour light settings inside the bus they will switch on it while overtaking trucks the colour blinking lights inside will be a great fun to watch. In this period the first bus to have TV VCD player was Garuda ( TN-32N-1110 ) it had airhorn too from Srivaikundam Depot. This bus 886 was later replaced by TN-72N-0909 Nagericoil Ranithootam built, here is d pic of a bus in that series TN-72N-0880 one of the strongest bodies of Nellai Samathanapuram body building unit.



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13 thoughts on “PP Point to Point Golden Days of TNSTC Nellai.

  1. There was a King Cobra Express ran between Nellai – Srivilliputhur – Nellai of Sankarankovil Depot. The distance between Srivilliputhur to Rajapalayam is 10 kms. They cross that within 10 to 15 mins. That is not a four lane road and have many dangerous curves. They use to play music with cassette player and in between a ad will come which says “Neengal payanam seithu kondirupathu King Cobra Express”(You are travelling in King Cobra Express).


  2. Hi there was also the 505 series of buses of KTC which were a sensation on Madurai – Nagercoil route beginning with TN 72 N 0225 upto TN 72 N 0240; reputed to have been not overtaken by anyone… There was also the old PATC body buses TN 59 N 0235 etc. There was of course tough competition from the NTC as well as PRC buses on this route.


  3. I had only started the first point to point service between Nellai to Truchendur while I was working as Branch at Tiruchendur branch and Nellai to Tuticorin while was branch manager at Nellai main Branch .I had named Nellai to Thiruchendur service as Chendur Express, Nellai to Tuticorin as Fighter Express.That period was golden period of KTC ltd.Thanks for posting this bloc.


  4. The 505 services were also started by me.The KTC management had posted me to take over the TANSI workshop facility at Madurai Ind/Eastate.We had started first KTC depot at Madurai and started new services 505-Madurai-Nagerkoil with new buses.We had succeded in the competition with NTC and PRC.This success was due to young and good motivated crew.


    • Thanks for your reply Sethumathavan sir, nice to see a person from Transport Department, sir are you currently in TNSTC – Nellai, as a you said it was a golden period, Thanks for introducing these services the crews were also caring the buses as their own, the name you have given still exist among TNSTC Bus lovers, when was Madurai Depot started, can you give us your contact no, so that we can get closer with you, please do follow us on Facebook too fb.com/tnstcblog.


      • Now,I am working in Dubai .I came to Duabi on leave for 5 years during 1997 as I got one good job.Then I decided to continue in work in dubai itself as the performances of TNSTCs started coming down and too much political involvement.I left TNSTC with noble memories and still i am visiting my parent department when ever I come to Tirunelveli/India.My contact no. in dubai is 00971506440641.Can you please send me your contact no.? I will call you if you are interested.


  5. @Sethumathavan.. Good to see a old transport guy looking at our blog and replying to us. Have you worked as BM? please do share some of your good memories with us..


    • Yes i worked as Branch manager in Tirunelveli ,Tuticorin,Truchendur and Madurai. While I was working in tirunelveli, I had introduced the first PP (Fighter-Tuticorin-Neelai,Chendur Exp-Tiruchendur Nellai)While I was working in Tiruchendur, I first Aero-Dynamic(flight shaped) bus.Minister Thiru.Muthusamy visited tiruchendur depot by surprise and congratulated me for my work in KTC.
      I loved in working in KTC as all employees especially drivers and conductors loved and supported me in all activities including all festival operations and private competition.
      When ever I visit Junction bus stand, there will a big gang(drivers & conductors) around me.Also,I love to keep my depot vehicles very clean and tidy.The buses under my control used to have different color design and attracted the passengers.


  6. @Sethumathavan : Sir if you have any photos of the buses you have introduced or from that golden period kindly share with the blog admin sir. We want to see those old warriors of KTC. Also there was KTC music troupe which perform on festivals in and around Nellai and Kanyakumari Districts. Also a motel ran by KTC in between Nellai Nagercoil route.


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