3:45 is now 4:15

In Feb 2014 TNSTC Salem started a 3:45 Express Service in Salem – Madurai route with a running time of mentioned 3 Hrs 45 mins we thought it would be very tough to achieve this running time between Salem and Madurai 250 Kms.

As we Expected the crews find tough to bring up the promised time and couldn’t fetch revenue as management expected so the bus started to enter Dindigul also and reached its destination in 4:15 hrs. Passenger were not happy with the 3:45 Performances.

Thanks to the management they have made it clear on the bus now its running time is 4:15 Hrs, now it is summer holidays bus enters only at Karur B.S. after the holidays are over the bus will enter Dindigul also.

As now promised the bus will reach its destination at correct mentioned time 4 Hrs 15 mins.

4:15 Express from Meyanoor Depot.

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