Buses operated in routes that are different from their Home Depot.

The buses running away from their home depots in different routes connecting important destination. These buses will got to their depots only for Crew Change and Maintenance.

TN-21N-1193 of Puliyankudi Depot Route 12C Kadayanallur – Sencottah via Kasidharmam, Achanpudhur, Vava Nagaram, Vadakarai, Panpoli, Sencottah R.S.

TN-27N-1467 of Tenkasi Depot Route 10A Sencottah – Surandai via Sencottah R.S., Panpoli, Elathur, Ayakudi, Sambavar Vadakarai.

TN-23N-1463 of Tenkasi Depot Route Alangulam – Mukkudal via Puthupatti, Odaimarichan.

TN-72N-0902 of Papanasam Depot Route 2 Ambasamudram – Mukkudal via Kallidaikurichi, Velanguli, Athalanallur, Thirupudiamaruthoor.

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