Very Smallest Depot of TNSTC

TNSTC Villupuram Chengam Depot T / CGM under Tiruvanamalai Region, space wise this depot is the very small in Tamil Nadu. This depot run town bus services to the near by villages and some Express buses to chennai and Bengaluru. Only the admin building is present, other small maintenance are carried out in road side only, for major works buses goes to Tiruvanamalai depots which is 25kms away from Chengam.

Chengam Depot

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One thought on “Very Smallest Depot of TNSTC

  1. The depot is running in rented place,the mechanic is equiped with tools to carry out minor repairs. The depot is famous for poor maintance of buses mainly due lack of tools.tiruvannamalai is just 35 km from chengam.official should take steps to run this depot in good condition.


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