Refurbished buses of Hosur Town – Part 1

In recent past Hosur town is getting good treatment from the transport department  . There has been many refurbished buses introduced on  each inauguration and the fleets are now looking better compared a year ago.

Hosur – Attibele  sector which is the cash cow for Hosur town depot was given top priority.

Rebuilt buses on native  6 series

TN 29 N 1872  on Route 6

TN 29 N 1872

TN 29 N 1875  on Route 6A

TN 29 N 1875 . This bus is one of the first  MTC styled rear profile to be on Hosur roads

TN 32 N 2247 on Route 6B

TN 32 N 2247 . One of the very first rebuilt bus .Serving since mid of 2013

TN 29 N 1865 on route 6D

TN 29 N 1865

TN 29 N 1642 on Route 6F 

TN 29 N 1642 serving since mid of 2013

Other rebuilt buses on the same sector…

TN 29 N 1879 on Route 32

TN 29 N 1879

TN 29 N 1963 on Route 41

TN 29 N 1963. This bus runs a LADIES SPECIAL  to MICRO LAND in additional to it’s regular route .

to be continued ….

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