New Buses

Refurbished Bus 53B Thoothukudi – Keelavaipar (Costal Village) by Thoothukudi City Depot

TN-72N-1172 of Thoothukudi City Depot  53B Thoothukudi - Keelavaipar ( Costal Fishing Village )

Newbie TN-72N-1902 Thiruchendur – Velankanni by Thiruchendur Depot

TN-72N-1902 of Thiruchendur Depot

Newbie TN-72N-1905 Thoothukudi – Coimbatore by Thoothukudi Mofussil Depot

TN-72N-1905 of Thoothukudi Mofussil Depot Route  Thoothukudi -  Coimbatore

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One thought on “New Buses

  1. hi arun, nice to see the details my father is planning to go to bangalore from kallidaikurichi can you pls tell me the papanam -bangalore bus details and also the papanasam depo phone nos if possible either tntsc or setc anything thanks


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