Residents want T. Nagar bus terminus upgraded

T. Nagar residents discuss issues such as removal of roadside eateries, modernisation of bus terminus during meet. Photo: Vaishali R. Venkat

Upgradation of the T. Nagar bus terminus, removal of roadside eateries and multi-storey car parking facility were among topics that figured prominently at the public grievance meet organised by the T. Nagar East Exnora Innovators Club – Division, at Raja Street, T. Nagar recently.

Tackling traffic congestion and unauthorised parking and improvement of roads were also discussed animatedly. R. Govindaraj, joint secretary, Exnora International, T. R. Srinivasan and R. Srinvasa Raghavan, both advisors at T. Nagar East Exnora Innovators Club, and office bearers of various Civic Exnoras and Residents Welfare Associations in T. Nagar Division 136 attended the meeting.

R. Sridharan, president, Raja Street Civic Exnora, said one of their key concerns was the mushrooming of eateries on Sivagnanam Road and in and around T.Nagar. They not only caused a health hazard but also dumped their waste in the sewers, which resulted in clogging and the overflow of Sewage. Meenakshi, secretary, Gopala Krishnan Street (West) Civic Exnora said that visitors to T.Nagar area had increased and had reached a point that it was controllable. She suggested that parking should be allowed only on one side of the road, and this could be alternated every week to help residents.

S. Rajagopalan from Gandhi Street complained that the area around Nehru Street, Cart Track Street, Ramachandra Road, was suffering from heavy water logging during the rainy season for the past several years.

“A permanent solution has to be found to correct this situation. Installation of storm water drains, laying of scientifically designed roads with the right gradient will provide a permanent solution to this problem,” he said

Balasubramaniam of Dhandapani Street complained that a TASMAC outlet was located next to the Shrine Velankanni School. This went against the rules and caused great inconvenience to the women and children in the area. He requested that the officials arrange to shift this outlet. Participants suggested that multi-storeyed (7 or 8 floors) car parking facilities should be constructed in at least four locations across T.Nagar. They also suggested that the present T. Nagar bus terminus be modernised and a two- and four-wheeler parking facility be built on the upper floors of the building. Another location for multi-storeyed car parking would be the Corporation premises next to Siva Vishnu temple on Usman Road. The existing offices could remain on the ground floor and a car park could be built on the upper floors, they said.

Residents said that in order to regulate the flow of pedestrians and assist their movement in the shopping areas, three foot over bridges were required – at the T.Nagar bus terminus junction, Duraisamy Road-Usman Road junction and Ranganathan Street-Usman Road junction.

Govindaraj said that they were planning to meet the Mayor shortly to submit a written representation listing all grievances and pending developmental activities and request him to inspect the area along with the Corporation officials and take necessary steps to solve the issues raised by the members.

Source:The Hindu

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