Volvo Buses in TamilNadu to get New Safety Features

Black boxes for Tamilnadu volvo and other buses.
Volvo Buses In Tamil Nadu To Get New Safety Features and will soon be put in place in all Volvo buses in Tamil Nadu. The decision was taken post a meeting held between the Tamil Nadu state transport officials and representatives from Volvo on Thursday. The development comes in the light of the recent accidents involving Volvo buses which caught fire resulting in deaths of several passengers.

Black Box : As in flight a Black box will be fitted in all Volvo and long distance buses, if a bus get fire accident the reason can be found out using this black box.
Speed Governor : Speed Governor will be installed in all bus and the speed would not exceed 85Km/Hr
Radium Stickers : Radium Stickers should be placed to indicate the Emergency exits.

Light Windows : Light weighted and easy break through glasses should be placed on Window Pans and to break the glasses 8 hammers to be placed instead of the present 4nos.

Videos : Videos regarding safety features should be played in all buses before its departure.
Two drivers : Two drivers should be placed in Every bus and driver change should happen every 150Kms

Not only in Volvo’s the safety features will be applied for all long distance buses of any Make Ashok Leyland, TATA, Mercedes Benz.

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