Disciplined Boarding

Disciplined Boarding

Amazed to see people boarding in line to catch the palakad bound buses in Ukkadam BS, Coimbatore, All the three passenger, police and Transport department co-operation can seen here and the buses were also moving one by one to bay once a bus get filled the other will move to bay the rule is for both TNSTC & KSRTC, loved the way people boarded the bus. none of the pax didnt jump out of line, hope this system should follow in every part of Tamilnadu, atleast is festival specials and peak hours.

Passengers on line.

Boarding one by one into bus

Buses waiting for their turn in line.

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2 thoughts on “Disciplined Boarding

  1. Arun, Thanks for bringing up this wonderful queue system practiced for Coimbatore-Palakkad buses in Ukkadam BS. Same Queue system is practiced for Palakkad-Coimbatore buses as well in KeSRTC Palakkad BS. We had this Queue system practice in Coimbatore-Pollachi route. Arrangements are still there in Ukkadam BS. They use this during festival/rush hour times. Queue arrangements for Pollachi-Coimbatore buses in Pollachi BS was not at all used and it is almost gone. Authorities can plan for these arrangements in crowded routes.


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