Air Conditioned Bus Stop at Kumbakonam

India’s No#1 A/C Bus Stop claims the board !! 

This is the AC Bus stop opened in the month of May 2013 @ Naal Rodu, Kumbakonam. Built and maintained by City Union Bank.


AC Bust Stop at Naal Road Kumbakonam

A CUB ATM is part of the bus stop, so a guard is put to take care of both the facilities.

Inside Photos

-Window AC units chill the area
-Chairs are put to accommodate roughly 30 people.
– Dustbin and coin phone are present
– Music system plays tamil film songs throught
– Mobile charge points are present

Now comes the best part, pax inside do not have a good view of the road. A TV iniside, beams a video of camera which faces the direction of on-coming buses. Sitting in the AC comfort, pax can just watch out for their buses and come out as soon as it approaches (once they appear on the TV screen) the bus shelter…

So far the facility looks very well maintained and people are also using it well.
One more such shelter under construction near Kumbeshwarar Temple.

You can see provision of AC units in the structure.

Now comes the last. Not sure how KUM corporation claims this to be the first one as AC bus shelter were opened in Blr way back in 2008

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