A 12M Air Suspension bus of TNSTC as Express(3X2 seats) service

In May, 2012 we have a detailed post “Will TNSTCs think about this 12M option for their 3X2 Services?” in TNSTC blog about the revenue that 12M buses can brought into the operators compared to the regular 10.8M buses..

Surprisingly, TNSTC-Madurai has converted one old 12M AC bus of Dindigul region into a regular 3X2 seater. It was completely rebuilt as Non-AC 60 seater bus by TNSTC-Madurai and is now running as BPR in Madurai-Nagercoil route.. Good to see that Air suspension is still working.. Good that TNSTC-Madurai converted this 12M bus as a 60 seater rather than converting it as 65+2/68+2 seaters. BTW, TNSTC-Coimbatore has 60+2 seaters in 10.8M Vikings..:)

Not sure why TNSTC-Madurai didnt put up any stickers in the bus mentioning about this.. I hope some TNSTC-Madurai officials read this blog and add a stickering work in this particular bus.. Expecting more old 12M AC buses as 3X2 express buses inside TN.

Some pics of the same…

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