Brands of SETC – Nanjil, Puthuvasantham, Trisea, Hills Queen

SETC has few buses running towards Chennai from various places with different brand names.. Some of those pics are below..
1. Nanjil – One of my favorite brands and the brand which still survives with good name.. running in Nagercoil-Chennai route. We also had Nanjil AC running for few years and it is no more. Operated by Nagercoil depot.
2. PuthuVasantham – Tirunelveli-Chennai.. Operated by Nellai depot.
3. Tri sea Express – Kanyakumari-Chennai.. Operated by Kanyakumari depot.
4. Hills Queen – Mettupalayam-Chennai. Operated by Coimbatore depot. It is an Ex.TNSTC-CBE route.

Few pics of them are below..

TN01 AN 0533.. Nanjil of Nagercoil depot


Once more..


TN01 AN 0380, Hills Queen of Coimbatore depot


TN01 AN 0255, Tri Sea of Kanyakumari depot


TN01 AN 1019, Pudhu Vasantham of Nellai depot. Instead of Highway Rider, they should have pasted Pudhu Vasantham sticker there.


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3 thoughts on “Brands of SETC – Nanjil, Puthuvasantham, Trisea, Hills Queen

  1. SETC only concentrate KK district

    In Southern districts especially tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Tuticourin, Madurai and theni are having separate SETC depots in their districts . But in our Virudhunagar District there is no SETC depot. Even tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Tuticourin are having each two depots in their districts and one more depot in thiruvanathapuram. When ever we go for long journey we are facing lot of struggle to board the buses which are starting from southern districts and passing through our districts, because they never allowed to board in that buses even that buses having lot of vacant seats. There are three major National highways are passing through our district.

    Compared to other southern districts we can strongly notify that our district having many industries , but still lake of transporatation facilities.

    Govt must understand our virudhunagar district’s people situation, and take necessary steps and immediately set up a seperate SETC depot in our district head quarter (VIRUDHUNAGAR) and operate long route buses from Virudhunagar, Rajapalayam, Sivakasi, Srivilliputhur, Aruppukottai, Sattur, Kovilpatti, Kamuthi, Thiruchuli, Narikudi and sayalkudi.

    Virudhunagar is also having a useless New bus stand , So, SETC management don’t worry about location of the depot. and Virudhunagar is the Centre place of the district it is more suitable for SETC maintenance and workshop depot.


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