Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation – Good old days of Public Transportation in TN – Part-1

Whenever we talk to any passengers who used public buses in 80s or 90s, they will tell share so many details about those golden days of public transportation in TN. Erstwhile Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation(TTC) ruled the public transportation scene across TN and also in the interstate routes in TN-KA/KL etc..,

TTC is the trendsetter by introducing innovative routes/buses/facilities etc., We got the following details from an old bus fan. He scanned and published those images. We are publishing the same here.

Scanned images owner: prchandran @ SSC. A big thanks to him for sharing these scanned copies.

An Air Suspension Super deluxe bus of TTC. This is one front profile which we cant forget soon. Very few workshop vans of present SETC still have these front profile.
TTC Super Deluxe

Image portrait of TTC Online reservation center.. If you ask me, how a reservation center looks like, then we will point to the below image.. This is how TTC adapted to the latest technologies.. Will we get these golden days?
TTC reservation

TTC Map Bus

TTC Front Cover

We will share details about the routes and important details which which was shared from those scanned document part by part.

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