Points which we like in our TN STUs – 3

TNSTC buses running in Madurai-Tiruchendur route had different naming(Its not just this route, its there in almost every route in TN) conventions and we passengers always felt that in which stops this particular buses will stop. In this particular route, we have buses as Ordinary, PP, Express, Bye Pass Rider(BPR) etc.., A very good initiative from TNSTC-Tirunelveli which tried solving many of the above said confusions. I hope other TNSTCs will try to come up with similar approaches. Infact i used to dream whether any TNSTCs will come up with such an initiative. A big applause for TNSTC-Tirunelveli to come up with a nice initiative.

With this passengers will be able to easily identify in which stops the buses will stop.

Stoppages as Mentioned in the board.
I – 153:
1. Tiruchendur Temple
2. Kayalpattinam
3. Arumuganeri
4. Aathur
5. Mukkani
6. Pazhayakayal
7. Mullakkadu
8. SPIC / Muthiapuram
9. Thoothukudi(Tuticorin)
10. Kurukkusalai
11. Eppothum Vendran
12. Cholapuram.
13. Keela Eeral
14. Ettayapuram
15. Sinthalakarai
16. Muthalapuram
17. Melakkandhai
18. Vembur
19. Panthalkudi
20. Aruppukottai
21. Palayampatti
22. Kalkurichi Vilakku
23. Kariapatti
24. Mandela Nagar
25. Madurai.

Buses going beyond Madurai wont go inside Aruppukottai town. For ex: Buses towards Coimbatore, Trichi, Salem, Tirupur will not go inside Aruppukottai town.

Bye Pass Riders(BPRs) will not go inside any towns en-route. To our understanding this should be applicable in Tuticorin-Madurai section.


Pic Courtesy: Dolphins Tuti, Thoothukudi.

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3 thoughts on “Points which we like in our TN STUs – 3

  1. Well done TNSTC, Tirunelveli. This is an innovative step and the passengers will not trouble the conductors/drivers asking them whether the bus will stop at the particular destinations or not.

    On 12/19/12, “தமிழ்நாடு அரசு போக்குவரத்து கழகம் – TNSTC’s Blog”


  2. Good step,but it has some faults also.Bypass rider buses normally runs in bypass.But between Tiruchendur to thoothukudi the only bypass route is Sahupuram-kayalpatnam bypass.but the byepass riders never runs in this bypass routes except trichy depot buses and also some bypass rider buses come into kayalpatnam route and some didn’t come,so TNSTC Tirunelveli region will clarify this doubts.


  3. I want byepass riders to drop and allow passengers in aruppukkottai byepass as in madurai – nellai route(drop and pickup – virudhunagar,satur,kovilpatti) so that some more seats can be filled.


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