New TATA buses in Coimbatore

Around 5 yrs before Coimbatore has got good number of TATA buses running in the route numbers 2, 7, 7C, 5, 5C etc.., After long back, now Coimbatore received good number of inhouse Tata Buses. All these were built on LP1512 chassis.

Old TML(Tata Motors Limited) city buses were mainly registered in TN38 N 13XX series and these are one of my favorite designs from CEC for City bus. Now most of these were transferred to Pollachi.

New TML city buses which were added recently.
A factory finish TML bus from CEC heading to Coimbatore for registration.

The rear.. Why cant all TNSTCs and MTC follow similar type of stickering works in the city buses?

TN38 N 2794, A new TML city bus of Sungam-2 depot heading to Coimbatore from Pollachi as SPL.

TN38 N 2702, A new TML bus of Ukkadam-1 depot heading to Kanjikonampalayam in R.No 51 via Podanur, Vellalore.

TN38 N 2759, A new CEC built TML bus of of Sungam-1 depot running in R.No 45E Gandhipuram-Annur.

TN38 N 2769 of Ukkadam-1 depot waiting for its departure to Idayarpalayam from Gandhipuram via Ukkadam, Podanur, Vellalore.

The new TML from Tirupur.. TN38 N 2845, A new Pallipalayam(Erode region) built Tirupur city bus..

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4 thoughts on “New TATA buses in Coimbatore

  1. உடுமலையில் இருந்து செஞ்சேரிமலை , சோமனூர் ,அன்னூர் வழியாக மேட்டுப்பாளையம் .சத்தி ,ஊட்டி க்கு அரசு பேருந்துகள் இயக்கப்பட வேண்டும் என்பது உடுமலை மற்றும் வழியோர மக்களின் கோரிக்கை ஆகும் ..நிறைவேறுமா?…


  2. why in all divisions whether its town bus r long running bus the exterior deseign in front, side n rear r same?….. before 15 years, each division had their own distinct exteriors. i m from chennai… on seeing the bus from long distance 1ly i ll say the division of bus.


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