New routes from Pollachi

Pollachi got handful number of new routes this year. Some of them are listed here..

1. Pollachi-Palani via Udumalpet, Komaralingam, Kolumam, Pappampatti, Neikarapatti. After few months this got extended to Anaimalai Maasaniamman temple from Pollachi side. This is operated by Palani-1 depot of Tirupur region.
2. Pollachi-Pudhukottai from Pudhukottai region’s Pudhukottai depot. It is operated via Udumalpet, Palani, Dindigul, Manapari, Iluppur. @Pollachi:7.30 AM, @Pudhukottai:8:00 PM
3. Pollachi-Erode via Palladam, Kangeyam, Sennimalai. Two buses are pushed into operation and both are from Tirupur region. Operated by Kangeyam and Palladam depots.
4. Pollachi-Perundhurai from Erode region’s Perundhurai depot. It runs via Palladam, Tirupur.
5. Coimbatore-Kuttam from SETC’s Coimbatore depot. It runs via Pollachi, Palani, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Thisayanvilai. Second service from Coimbatore depot to/via Thisayanvilai.
6. Coimbatore-Sivakasi via Pollachi, Palani, Madurai, Virudhunagar. Operated by Coimbatore region’s Ukkadam-1 depot and Virudhunagar region’s Srivilliputhur depot. Srivilliputhur depot bus is operated till Srivilliputhur in Sivakasi side. Timings @ Pollachi: 10.25 AM, 4.35 PM.

Now its time for pictures of the above route buses.

TN38 N 2676 of Palani-1 depot arriving at Pollachi via Neikarapatti, Pappampatti, Kolumam, Komaralingam, Samarayapatti, Udumalpet. Initially i thought this is a new route from CBE and later came to know that we had this route before some 2 decades. Only private buses used this route and TNSTC-CBE entered this route now.

TN55 N 0779 of Pudhukottai region with permanent Pudhukottai-Pollachi stickers. Nice to see other divisions starting services to Pollachi. This didnt have a pairing service

TN33 N 2325 of Perundhurai depot heading to Perundhurai from Pollachi via Palladam, Tirupur, Uthukuli.

TN38 N 2416 heading to Erode. It runs via Negamam, Palladam, Kangeyam, Sennimalai, Vellodu.

TN33 N 2467, Tirupur region’s Kangeyam depot bus just arrived inside Poy bus stand. This will goto Erode via Negamam, Palladam, Kangeyam, Chennimalai, Vellodu.

TN72 N 1618.. A VPM built bus of Ukkadam-1 depot waiting inside Poy BS for departing to Sivakasi from CBE via POY.

TN67 N 0801 of Virudhunagar region’s Srivilliputhur depot on its way to CBE from Srivilliputhur/Sivakasi.

TN01 AN 0524, A brand new bus in Brand new route from Coimbatore depot. It is running in Coimbatore-Kuttam route.

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4 thoughts on “New routes from Pollachi

    • In the regular buses, we can either fully open the windows or close it fully. You can keep that half open. With that extra horizontal frame, you can keep the glass windows half open. TNSTC-Salem introduced this concept first in their buses.


  1. TNSTC-Coimbatore should start the new Day Bus Services as mentioned below:
    1.Pollachi to Puducherry (via.Dharapuram,karur,perambalur,villupuram)
    2.Pollachi to Puducherry (via.Dharapuram,RASIPURAM,villupuram)
    3.Pollachi to Cuddalore (via.Dharapuram,karur,perambalur)
    4.Pollachi to VILLUPURAM (via.Dharapuram,karur,perambalur)
    5.PALANI to PUDUCHERRY (via.Dindugal,Trichy,villupuram)


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