Madurai-Mangalore service of SETC

SETC’s Madurai depot introduced a R.No 897 Madurai-Mangalore route. When i saw the route first time, i started thinking to get the pic of the bus asap. Luckily got both the buses running in this route. TN01 AN 0094 and TN01 AN 0095 were deployed in this route. Both of them were built by KMS and has air suspension in the rear. A good decision to add KMS built buses and seats in this bus is really good compared to the buses built by karur based units.

The bus starts from Madurai at 4.00 PM and heard that it will reach Mangalore by 9.00 AM. These are not available for reservation in e-booking site, not sure about counter booking. Route is: Madurai-Mangalore via Dindigul, Karur, Erode, Sathy, Mysore, Madikeri.

This route (Madurai-Mangalore 699KM as per live maps) should be third/fourth longest route in terms of KM from SETC and the other longest routes are Chennai-Trivandrum, Chennai-Marthandam, Chennai-Kanyakumari etc.., This should be the first longest route in terms of journey time. First route from SETC to enter interior KA and second route from TNSTUs to enter Mangalore and the other mangalore service is Coimbatore-ThaiMookambiga service of TNSTC-Coimbatore which goes via Mysore, Mangalore.

Now here are the pics of the buses that are working in this route.

TN01 AN 0094 of SETC Madurai depot just arriving inside MIBT with Mangalore board. When it started out of this area it had just 10 passengers whereas 4.30 PM KSRTC Sarige bound to Madikerri was busy filling its passengers(should be 50 to 60% full and it is a 3X2 seater). SETC should do some press release and it should be made available for online booking.


Closer look at the stickering works. Stickering work is not so good. Just they have done it using stencils.


Looks like “Non Stop” stickering is done by default for all new 12M UDs of madurai depot. 🙂


Trying to take a U turn in SETC bay! He will then use the city bus bay to get few temporary passengers bound to Arapalayam! Notice the stencil type route details written in white paint. Three language stickering and Stickering work is not good. They should have done something similar to Madurai-Chennai UDs.


TN01 AN 0095 Of Madurai depot running in Madurai-Mangalore route. Its pair is 0094 again built by KMS. Stickering work of this is little bit good compared to its pair.


“Non Stop” again. Not sure in which section it is running as Non Stop? Better MIBT and Arapalayam? 😀 It runs via Dindigul, Karur, Erode, Sathy, Mysore, Madikeri. It also started sharp at 4.00 PM from MIBT.


Now in Arapalayam queue of city buses to get some passengers bound to arapalayam. Looks like it will run as Non Stop between MIBT and Arapalayam and it was full too! Only DGL and Karur are stickered well. Cant they add Sathy,Mysore and Madikerri stickers?


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9 thoughts on “Madurai-Mangalore service of SETC

  1. Very curious to know the rational of this route madurai mangalore. Also, Madurai Madikeri KSRTC is a surprise. May be since i’m from vellore region, i don’t know the local dynamics.
    I had always thought SETC had some unimaginable routes in their kitty. Great blog btw.,


  2. Dear Sir,
    SETC may please consider to start a new Ultra deluxe service from Puducherry to Mangalore via villupuram tiruvannamalai, hosur, bangalore-satellite-bus station, hassan with the departure time of daliy at 4.00.P.M.


  3. PLease and kindly remove this Madurai to Mysuru Bus timing and blog also..because that service was stopped so many years before. Its bad one that we cant enter karnataka state with SETC from Madurai/Coimbatore/ERode/ Tirupur. but well connected by KSRTC. What a Shame.


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