G.O For pongal Special Buses

Source : http://www.tn.gov.in/seithi_veliyeedu/pr12Jan12/pr120112_31.pdf

A press Release from T.N.Goverment regarding the operation of special buses during Pongal Festival as per the order of T.N.Cheif J.Jayalalitha on 12th 1,115 buses 13th 1,965 buses on 14th 1,965 and on 15th bus will be operated as per public demands. to other district capital and important towns special buses will be operated on 12th 557 buses an 13th & 14th 1,257 buses will be operated. The same will be operated for the public convenience who return to their work place on the next week  from   17th to 22nd . The special buses can be booked through Tnstc Site also http://www.tnstc.in

Regarding complaints on private omni buses for high fare can be done in this number of SETC counter at CMBT 044-24794709

Regarding Chennai 250 Special buses will be operated by MTC  from 14th to 17th to Anna Square , Muttukad , Kovalam, Mahabalipuram and tourist spots.

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