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4 thoughts on “2012 TNSTC CALENDER

  1. compare to coimbatore and madurai city buses the trichy city buses are not good so please give a new bs 3 busues to trichy city and open seprate corpration as TNSTC TRICHY split it from TNSTC KUMBAKONAM.


  2. Useless SETC!

    Always Just for the name sake SETC opened online/mobile booking site.
    Whenever you choose starting point as ‘Bangalore’ or ‘Chennai’ it will surprise you with shameful message ‘No such starting place!’

    I had sent mails to concerned!
    No action so far.
    Who cares…?

    Always SETC sucks!


  3. The TNSTC – Trichy buses are waste and poor service they are named as Express,and the ticket rate also high, but they stop all bus stop
    and the local buses are stop the same stops. Then y they r collecting the charges are high.


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