SETC bus timings at CMBT (Chennai Moffusil Bus Terminus)

Information courtesy: Ramesh R ( Thanks Mr. Ramesh for the effort in helping these timings reach a space which will help the travellers.

Note: The information gathered from SETC information boards at CMBT is as of 1-May-2011. Timings are subjected to change as per the discretion of SETC authorities. Take these timings as a base and confirm with SETC authorities before planning the journey based on this data.

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33 thoughts on “SETC bus timings at CMBT (Chennai Moffusil Bus Terminus)

  1. you are doing a great job by having this bl og. first i congradulate you for that. i’m a regular user of tnstc between trichy and chennai and also salem. few things in tnstc can improve. first is the speed .especially the tnstc salem buses and tnstc kumbakonam buses are really slow. they take 8.30 hours to cover the salem chennai route. but htey take only 7 hrs between chennai and trichy. the tnstc vpm buese are little on the quicker side compared to the others. the setc buses are worst in this matter. the setc has the worst maintained buses in the above route. hope they get some now ones in the near future.


  2. Dear Karthi,
    Is this the latest updated schedule,bcoz i have to take journey from chennai to karaikal as per your updated schedule.kindly reply for my request.


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