Short trip to Tanjore new busstand

Hi All,

Took the following snaps during my visit to Tanjore : TJ town buses, TJ seems to be major dumpyard of MTC buses. You can see lot TN-01N- XXXX ex MTC buses running in the town. Only good part is that MTC gave some decently maintained buses. TNSTC KUM’s town bus D74 seems to be the golden geese for them as it has jam packed services every 5 minutes on the Old -New busstand route. Even trailers are running on this route. The new busstand though spacious is one of the worst maintained bus stands in TN and you encounter huge cloud of dust as and when a town bus takes a U turn.

Ex MTC with plastic surgery done for face.

A new well built town bus of TN45, u can also find new TN68 built town buses.

Old town bus

Trailer bus in bad condition, still better than MTC maintainance. Due to bad levelling work at bus stand, see the levels at which two portions of bus stand at!

TJ-Mdu is ruled by KUM division. As four laing is complete on Mdu-Trichy-Tanjore section, TNSTC can think of 1 to 1 (Mdu – TPJ- TJ) service on this section to help EEP with journey time of 2:15 + 1:15 timing roughly:

A new PDKT – Tiruppur by KUM:

Tiruppur – Tanjore has very high frequency, not sure about the nature of traffic on this route. A tiruppur sub-division bus of Covai division:

Tiruppur Mandalam displayed with pride …


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