Is this the end of Hill riders in Pollachi-Valparai route?

Buses operated in Pollachi-Valparai route are 100% hill riders.. Once i noticed a normal 10.5M AL bus on this route.. I was surprised to see that bus in pollachi-valparai route.

I was thinking how the driver will drive the above bus in the 40+ hair pin bends.. I didnt know that TNSTC-Coimbatore is trying some thing different. Initially they replaced the Hill riders with normal bus in Coimbatore-Munnar route. Those Buses had the reg no TN38 N 2340 and TN38 N 2341.. Both of them belonging to Ukkadam-2 depot.

Number of hair pin bends in Udumalpet – Munnar route is very minimal compared to Pollachi-Valparai route. Again KaSRTC is already running a Rajahamsa in Udumalpet-Munnar. So it is not a big deal for TNSTC-CBE in running 55+2 seaters in Udumalpet-Munnar route.

I was just waiting in POY BS to catch a bus to my native.. Just noticed a normal 55+2 seater in Pollachi-Valparai route.. Just went near to catch hold of that.. It is a erode region registered bus TN33 N 2746. But the bus might have been built by CEC(Pollachi).

Slowly it started raining in POY when i was clicking these pics.. It is very unusual to get a rain during this time.. The new bus with a old mini bus at Pollachi New BS. After long time i standed in this BS during rain.. A bit lucky though!

One more.. TN38 N 2568.. This is running in Pollachi-Shekalmudi route.

TN33 N 2750 of Valparai depot.. One more new normal bus.. This is running in Pollachi-High Forest route.

When i saw these 55X2 seaters had couple of questions running in my mind.. Firstly, how the drivers gonna drive these buses in the ghat routes which has 40+ hair pin bends.. Secondly, Whether they are compromising safety to get more revenue?

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4 thoughts on “Is this the end of Hill riders in Pollachi-Valparai route?

  1. new hill rider are very nice i like this front shape cec prroved its skill in hill rider they also replace the cbe-moonar bus with this hillrider


  2. Can someone tell me whether there are frequent buses from udumalpet to Munnar. If so what is the time taken for travel


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