Buses from TNSTC-Coimbatore..

Coimbatore-Madurai via Pollachi.. POY-1 depot operates this bus

TN38 N 2387 of Coimbatore region(Currently Tirupur region) running in Tirupur-Tuticorin route

TN38 N 2340 of Ukkadam-2 depot running in Coimbatore-Munnar route.. This is built by Erode region.. Its sibbling 2341 is also running in same route..

An old photo of 2341..

Two identical sibblings running in Coimbatore – Palani route. The Blue colored one is from Poy depot and Green is from Palani-1 depot of Tirupur region

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14 thoughts on “Buses from TNSTC-Coimbatore..

  1. No doubt the TNSTC buses are maintained far better than certain other TNSTC division buses.

    I estimate that out of the city bus services run by TNSTC in Coimbatore city, 80% are new buses (low floor air buses / marcopolo etc.). Despite the considerable hike in revenues (remember that minimum fare is Rs.5 in these buses), the buses are not at all cleaned and the wide and huge window glass panels always look with lot of dust. Had such a bus been given to private operators, the appearance would be certainly different.

    Palani – Coimbatore – Palani sector is a golden route for TNSTC Coimbatore. The buses are always found uncleaned with eatables / empty water bottles shed all around. Cockroaches are commonly seen.


  2. hello sir,

    i m looking for bus which are available in coimbatore to Tiruchendur (AC Bus)at 11th june,

    looking for ur rely



    • There is one Coimbatore-Tiruchendur AC from TNSTC-Coimbatore. It starts around 10.15 PM from Gandhipuram BS. Reservation is available through SETC counters.


    • Hi savitha,
      TNSTC-Coimbatore operates one Coimbatore-Kollur bus via Mysore, Mangalore. It starts at 12.50 PM. Please check TNSTC-Coimbatore’s Gandhipuram Central Bus stand’s office for reservation and exact timings.


    • Now there is a weekly train service available from Coimbatore to Rameswaram. I think it leaves on Friday and returns to Coimbatore on Sunday.


  3. is there any bus from
    if so
    normal or deluxe or ultra deluxe or a/c

    please any one help me


    • There are plenty of buses running in Coimbatore to Palani route. Buses from Coimbatore starts at Ukkadam BS. There is no deluxe/Ultra deluxe/AC services. Sometimes in the morning you can deluxe buses which goes to Tirunelveli/Sencottah/Tuticorin.


  4. Hello sir, I need to know the daily availability of buses from Coimbatore to Munnar. what timings and different services – deluxe, ultra deluxe or ac…


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