Buses running in Tirupur

Route No 45A running in Tirupur Old BS – Kunnathur route via Perumanallur

A crowded old BS. Earlier this platform was used for Madurai and South TN bound buses. Now it is used for Pollachi, Udumalpet, Palani bound buses

TN38 N 2529 of Udumalpet depot running in Udumalpet – Erode route

TN33 N 2602 of Salem – Pollachi now moving towards Erode.

I liked this city bus design of Erode region. This is running in Route 1C

A mini bus running in Tirupur..

TN33 N 2736.. The latest of Erode region bus which i saw

TN33 N 2629.. A Bangalore Body builders built bus departing to salem..

Anew city bus running in tirupur.. TN38 N 2512 of tirupur region running in Route No 100

Seat of this bus were covered with red color velvette cloth..

Rear view of new city bus. It still had Ko.Ma(Coimbatore mandalam) sticker.. Now it is changed to Tirupu

One more new city bus.. Running in the same route no.100.. It is waiting to depart towards Avinashi

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22 thoughts on “Buses running in Tirupur

  1. Nice to see the photos of Tirupur based bus. Did you visit New Bus Stand, you should have got bus details bound to Trichy, Madurai, etc.,


  2. Sivaraj, Tirupur
    from early morning no buses from new bus stand departure till 6.00 am ( through Avinashi Road) also some buses not stoped in bus stops from new bus stand till Pushpa theatre bus stop.


  3. Sivaraj, Tirupur,
    From Early morning 04.00 am to 06.00 am there is no government buses depart from Tirupur New Bus Stand via Avinashi Road to Coimbatore, Mettupalayam, Sahtiyamangalam. So Please ensure to depart all the Government buses from New Bus Stand.


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