JNNURM buses from Madurai – Part 2

When the JNNURM buses were introduced, the stickerings was not there. No depot informations were mentioned in the buses. Only the “Nagar” depot buses had depot informations. Later “Thiruparankundram” depot names were mentioned, then the other depots like “Ponmeni”, “Ellis nagar”, “Thirumangalam” and “Pudhur” was mentioned. Few buses without the depot names also running still.

As mentioned earlier, only 2 yellow livery marcopolos are running in madurai. This yellows are more attractive than the orange and blue color marcopolos. Yellows are registered with the numbers TN58 N 1756 and 1758. They are running in C3 and C4 route respectively.

Around 50 to 60% of the buses were running without digital displays. None of the TATA Marcopolo had digital boards. Buses from “Nagar” depot started getting their digital boards. I already put the visuals related to digital boards from Leyland SLFs, now lets have a look at the TATA Marcopolo SLFs digital boards. Marcopolos having digital boards in the front, rear and the in the left side. Lets see few visuals. Digital boards marcopolos are running in C2(TN58 N 1731), C4(TN58 N 1720), 44D(TN58 N 1725), 71(TN58 N 1696), 73(TN58 N 1717), 75(TN58 N 1699), 77B(TN58 N 1713)

More pics @ my picassa JNNURM-MDU Album

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2 thoughts on “JNNURM buses from Madurai – Part 2

  1. Great work! Details such as depots to which the buses assigned & routes were also mentioned. Nice to find such an ardent follower of city buses. Keep up the good work.


  2. I travelled by the 11B Marco last Saturday and i found it to be one of the best city bus designs i have ever travelled. The interior was very roomy, seats had ample leg room and due to high raised glasses on both sides, lot of sunlight was coming inside. Bus also looked quiet sturdy.



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