“Vaigai Ratham” – Newly introduced Jnnurm SLFs @ Madurai.

TNSTC-MDU got around 300 SLF buses through JNNURM. they were both AL SLFs and TATA Marcopolos. Madurai city had around 170 AL SLFs already. All were replaced with these new Vaigai rathams. Around 10 old SLFs are still running.. Fares are same as the existing SLFs

Regno started with TN58 N 1433(AL SLF) in Route 48P and the latest i have seen is TN58 N 1767 Marcopolo.

Leyland SLFs were introduced with digital boards, Automatic doors. They came with white and blue liveries. To my surprise all the AL SLFs were built by IRIZAR TVS.

Marcopolos were introduced for the first time in madurai. Marcopolos came with orange and blue liveries. One yellow livery was also introduced. None of the marcopolos have digital boards. I donno whether they will fit it again or not.
Blue color marcopolo in the route C3

Since AL SLFs were already running for 2-3 yrs in most of the routes in madurai city. So nothing special about them, I just put up the marcopolo routes. If you plan to visit madurai, you can have a glimpse of marcopolos in the below routes.
1. 48AD – Arapalayam –> Thirumangalam via Bethaniapuram(Gurutheater), Palanganatham, TPK, Thirunagar
2. 48 – Arapalayam –> Thirumangalam via Periar Nilayam
3. 22A – Thirunagar –> Pudhur
4. 22 – Thirunagar –> Thapal Thanthi Nagar
3. 14 – Thirunagar –> Anna nagar
4. 14B – Thirumagar –> Matuthavani via Anna bus stand
5. 5AN – Thiruparankundram –> Anna nagar
6. C1 – Arapalayam –> Arapalayam via sethupathi school, Periar, Bye pass road
7. C2 – Arapalayam –> Arapalayam via Bye pass, Madura college, Periar, Sethupathi school
8. C3 – Mattuthavani –> Mattuthavani
9. C4 – Mattuthavani –> Mattuthavani
10. C9 – Thiruparankundram –> Thiruparankundram via Pasumalai, Periar, Avaniapuram
11. C10 – Thiruparankundram –> Thiruparankundram via Avaniapuram, Periar, Pasumalai
12. 44 – Periar –> Alagarkovil
13. 55U – Periar –> Usilampatti
14. 42Q – Periar –> Odaipatti via Karupayurani
15. 75 – Periar –> Melur via Court, Mattuthavani, Othakadai
16. 4 – Arapalayam –> Viraganur Sutru Salai via Periar, Therku vasal, Theppakulam
17. 71 – Periar –> Vadipatti via paravai, Samayanallur
18. 77B – Arapalayam –> Mattuthavani via Simmakkal, Goripalayam, Court.
19. 3/3D – Palanganatham –> Mattuthavani via periar, Simmakkal, Anna BS.
20. 19M – Alagiri Nagar –> Mattuthavani
21 4A
22. 4J – Mattuthavani –> Anupanadi -> Same fleet running in 14B is used for few trips.
23. 49 – Thirumangalam –> Pudhur
24. 48AT – Arapalayam –> Thirumangalam via bye pass.
Eventhough i noted down the regnos of the fleets running in the above routes. No route details are mentioned in the side mirrors. So they keep on changing the fleets between routes. Because of this i didnt mention the reg nos of the marcos here.

Intercity “Vaigai Rathams”
AL SLFs were introduced in intercity routes like


Few marcopolos were running in intercity routes like Madurai-Coimbatore. They were introduced in this route specifically because TNSTC-CBE introduced marcos in this route(But TNSTC-CBE runs with Digital boards :))

More visuals now..
White colored AL SLF

Blue colored AL SLF in the route 48AT. Route 48* renamed to 48AT

Slightly modified dashboard compared to the old AL SLFs

Controller which handles the digital boards in the new SLFs.

An Orange Marco in the route C4

Side view of the Orange Marcopolo with JNNURM logo

Now a Blue colored Marcopolo

A Marcopolo staff bus @ Periar BS

An intercity JNNURM in Madurai-Sivakasi route

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4 thoughts on ““Vaigai Ratham” – Newly introduced Jnnurm SLFs @ Madurai.

  1. Hi,
    The Tata Marcopolo’s have the provision for LED Display, infact the Tata Marcopolo’s are with LED display’s, this may be negotiated from a cost point. In Bangalore the Tata Marcopolo’s have the LED in the front & also in the rear of the bus.


    • Even the Tata Marcopolos from TNSTC CBE comes with LED display only. TNSTC-MDU alone didnt have LED displays. i’m not sure whether they removed it on temporary basis or not.


  2. For paniyalar, sogusu MARCOPOLO perundu, for ordinary traveller, thagara dabba perundu.

    Dhandapani Sir, beautiful photos. Keep it up.



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