Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation – Good old days of Public Transportation in TN – Part-4

North-South dominated the total routes operated by TTC.. In this part-4, lets see about the routes that were operated towards West..
Few Analysis:
Many routes on the below lists are not operated by present day SETC…
- Madras-Krishnagiri
- Madras-Dharmapuri
- Madras-Rasipuram
- Erode-Tiruthani
- Madras-Hogenakkal
- Madras-Paramathi Velur
- Madras-Yercaud – Good to know this route..
- Coimbatore-Kalpakkam
- Madras-Ooty via Sathy

- Madurai-Coimbatore, Madurai-Salem, Cumbum-Coimbatore, Sivakasi-Coimbatore is no more..
- Madurai-Nellai route maintained almost same frequency as mentioned in the route now also..
- Tuticorin-Coimbatore was via Dindigul, Dharapuram and now it is via Palani, Pollachi and Night service is via Dharapuram.
- Marthandam-Coimbatore, Kanyakumari-Coimbatore/Ooty routes were via Palani, Pollachi and now almost all buses goes via Dharapuram.. Marthanda-Coimbatore has one bus via Tirupur too.
- Surprised to see 10 buses in Kanyakumari-Coimbatore route..

- Almost all buses were towards Coimbatore and just one route to Ooty..
- Trichy-Coimbatore, Coimbatore-Pudukottai is now completely gone and now handled by TNSTCs.

Pic copyright: Prchandran @ SSC
North-West Route list..


South-West Route list..



East-West Route list..

Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation – Good old days of Public Transportation in TN – Part-3

In the previous two posts, we read more about the operational details and the depots, reservation centers of the erstwhile TTC. Now in the next few posts lets see about the routes operated by TTC. In this post, lets see about North-South operations of TTC.

All the routes starting from Chennai/Vellore/North TN dist to down south are considered as North-South operations.. This also include buses starting from South TN and Trichy to Northern parts.

Some analysis:
1. Madras-Madurai topped the chart with 32 buses..
2. Madras-Trichy via Villupuram, Thuraimangalam had 23 buses
3. Madras-Nagercoil via Villupuram, Madurai, Nellai had 20 buses.

Surprisingly Nagercoil-Trichy route had 15 buses..

Non-Chennai routes..
1. Madurai-Kothaiyar via Nellai, Nagercoil
2. Trichy-Kolachal
3. Kanchipuram-Kanyakumari

Pic copyright: Prchandran @ SSC



Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation – Good old days of Public Transportation in TN – Part-2

In this post and next post, we will see more about TTC operations.

Below image lists about the TTC operations.. Image Copyright: PrChandran @ SSC.

TTC Summary

Route planning:
TTC divided TN into four sectors.
1. Nagapattinam-Gudalur
2. National Highways divide the state into two.. North and South
3. Eastern Sector – Area lying between Kalpakkam-Villupuram-Trichy and Trichy-Aranthangi
4. Rest of the above are called as Western Sector.
Operational Areas: North-South, North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West, East-West and Interstate.
Route codes:
Three digits were used for indicating the routes.

First Digit for the sectors are
1. North-South – 1 and 2
2. North-East – 3
3. North-West – 4
4. South-East – 5
5. South-West – 6
6. Interstate – 8 and 9
Even now, the routes from Coimbatore to South TN starts with 6. Ex: R.No 625 is Coimbatore-Tuticorin and R.No 626 is Coimbatore-Tirunelveli.
Based on KM, second digits are given.
00-19 Distance upto 300 KMs
20-59 Distance from 301 to 450 KMs.
69-79 Distance from 451 to 600 KMs.
80-99 Above 600 KMs.

Example codes:
460 – Madras/Chennai-Coimbatore – North-West 497KM

Major Depots:
Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, Kumbakonam, Madras, Madurai, Marthandam, Nagercoil, Nagapattinam, Pondicherry, Salem, Shencottah, Thanjavur, Tirunelveli, Trichi and Tuticorin.
Kanyakumari district had 3 depots. Looks like Trivandrum depot got added later.
Bus Stands:
Coimbatore, Madras, Madurai, Nagercoil, Pondicherry, Salem, Thanjavur, Trichy, Tindivanam, Vellore.
SETC Bus stands in Coimbatore, Thanjavur are still active. Madurai BS just have an reservation centers.

Reservation Centers:
Totally 82 reservation centers were in place. Apart from big cities, the reservation centers were also located in places like Athur, Adiramapattinam, Colachel, Eral, Kallakurichi, Kollur, Karungal, Kovilpatti, Monday Market(Thingal Nagar), Palghat, Periakulam, Tirupathur(Present Sivagangai Dt) etc.,

Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation – Good old days of Public Transportation in TN – Part-1

Whenever we talk to any passengers who used public buses in 80s or 90s, they will tell share so many details about those golden days of public transportation in TN. Erstwhile Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation(TTC) ruled the public transportation scene across TN and also in the interstate routes in TN-KA/KL etc..,

TTC is the trendsetter by introducing innovative routes/buses/facilities etc., We got the following details from an old bus fan. He scanned and published those images. We are publishing the same here.

Scanned images owner: prchandran @ SSC. A big thanks to him for sharing these scanned copies.

An Air Suspension Super deluxe bus of TTC. This is one front profile which we cant forget soon. Very few workshop vans of present SETC still have these front profile.
TTC Super Deluxe

Image portrait of TTC Online reservation center.. If you ask me, how a reservation center looks like, then we will point to the below image.. This is how TTC adapted to the latest technologies.. Will we get these golden days?
TTC reservation

TTC Map Bus

TTC Front Cover

We will share details about the routes and important details which which was shared from those scanned document part by part.

1986 Route list of Erstwhile Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation(Present SETC)

SSC Forum member Renoruberts posted the Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation’s(Present day SETC) 1986 year’s route list. I’m posting those routes here for our other users.

Thanks to renoruberts who shared these scanned copies with us..

Something which i noted from the route list..
Coimbatore – Madurai –> Ruled by TNSTC-Covai and Madurai now..
Coimbatore – Trichi
Coimbatore – Tanjore
Coimbatore – Tuticorin via Tirupur
Coimbatore – Cumbum – Ruled by TNSTC-Madurai(DGL) and few from CBE
Coimbatore – Sivakasi
Coimbatore – Ramnad
Coimbatore – Trivandrum via Pollachi, Palani. Now extended to Ooty
Salem – Madurai
Erode – Nellai
Pondy – Dindigul
Madras – Gangaikondacholapuram
Madras – Kollur
Erode – Trivandrum
Madurai – Palghat

Madras – Coimbatore in four different routes
via T.V Malai
via Vilupuram, Salem, Erode
via Villupuram, Thiruchengode

The one and only circular route present in the list..
Coimbatore-Pudhukottai-Coimbatore via Palladam, Kangeyam, Vellakoil, Paramathi, Karur, Kulithalai, Trichu,Pudhukottai, Ponnamaravathi,Singampunari, Natham, Dindigul, Palani, Pollachi..


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